About Us

Texas Tea Party Republican Women was founded in 1993 by Elvie Kingston, Susan Darbyshire and Peggy Cox, having recognized the need for an active conservative women’s organization working to preserve traditional pro-life, pro family Republican views.  The name of the club was chosen to embody  the theme from the Boston Tea Party “No Taxation Without Representation.”

In the spirit of America’s founding, American women’s well known passion for tea to force consumption took second place to their passion for liberty, and the English soon suffered from this major miscalculation, throughout the colonies.  Many women supported and took an active and public role in the boycott.  They pledged at meetings and in newspapers not to drink English tea until their rights and those of their merchant husbands were restored.

These early efforts by the colonial women set a precedent of their influence in public policy.  Because politics was viewed as an improper activity for women in the 18th century, the American Revolution played an important part in beginning a change in this attitude.  During the early days of the Revolution many women even served as spies, passing on information from the enemy up and down the East coast to the American militia.

Working alongside their husbands and other patriots, women played an integral part in the formation of the new nation.

Forward to the twenty-first century, through the tireless efforts of our full and associate member women and associate member men, Texas Tea Party Republican Women’s fundraisers have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help local candidates’ campaigns, to increase awareness of social issues and to support educational projects.

In 1995 Elvie Kingston encouraged the Club to keep its “focus clearly on moral issues yet become involved in every aspect of government.”

Today the women (and associate men) of Texas Tea Party Republican continue to make a difference in the governing of our country, as we focus on upholding our original principles and broadening our influence–from the Court House to the State House and to the White House!